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Bland Shire Council has welcomed an announcement from the National Broadband Network (NBN) that it will begin construction of high speed internet technology in West Wyalong and Wyalong before the end of the year.

THE NBN has announced plans to install fibre to the node (FTTN) technology to 1300 homes and businesses in West Wyalong and Wyalong with construction scheduled to commence in the final quarter of 2016.

Bland Shire Council Director of Corporate, Community and Development Services, Adele Casey said access to high speed internet will deliver exciting opportunities for economic and social growth to the local community.

“The NBN can help local business to access new markets, reduce costs and drive innovation as well as having the potential to attract new business to establish or relocate to West Wyalong and Wyalong,” Mrs Casey said.

“This will help us to compete with the cities and larger regional centres, many of which will not receive the NBN until after 2016.”

The NBN network will also provide opportunities in education, entertainment, health care and sociability to local residents.

“The NBN has committed to working closely with Bland Shire Council in the lead up to and during the construction and implementation phase and Council will continue to keep the community informed as more information becomes available,” Mrs Casey said.

FTTN technology is a way of providing very fast broadband by running fibre to a neighbourhood node/pillar and from there using the existing copper network to connect to the premises.

According to the NBN, it can be faster to deploy because there is no need to replace the entire connection from the exchange to the home or business while putting network equipment in the street reduces the distance data needs to travel over copper and therefore allows very high speeds to be achieved.

Meanwhile, village and rural residents in the Bland Shire will continue to benefit from increased internet speeds through the provision of recently installed NBN fixed wireless technology.

Residents can check their NBN connection status at

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