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Architectural firm appointed to oversee Sports Stadium project

Bland Shire Council has appointed the Facility Design Group to design and manage the refurbishment of the Perseverance Street Sports Stadium.

The Facility Design Group (FDG) was selected by Council at last night’s February monthly meeting and will begin work on the design phase of the project almost immediately following the execution of contracts.

The Cambewarra based architectural firm, which specialises in sports and leisure design and construction projects and has a proven record both in the Bland Shire and other rural communities, was appointed following an extensive tender process managed by Council and overseen by independent firm Lange Consulting.

The Sports Stadium Refurbishment Steering Committee has also been closely consulted throughout the process and will continue to provide input into the stadium concept design and future management of the facility.

The committee has already developed a detailed list of wants and needs for a refurbished facility which will be referenced by the contractor in the planning stages of the project.

Following the execution of contracts, FDG will commence stage one by conducting meetings on site with Council, the Sports Stadium Refurbishment Steering Committee and other stakeholders to determine the scope of the works that may be achieved within budget.

The cost of the project, incorporating all stages of design and construction, is capped by Council at a maximum of $2 million. As per the conditions of the contract, any overrun of project expenditure beyond the Council cap will be borne by FDG.

While at this stage there is no firm indication or commitment from Council or FDG regarding the scope of the project, including the size and number of courts the refurbishment will encompass, Council will continue to liase closely with the steering committee and other key stakeholders.

Also as part of stage one, FDG will undertake a full inspection of the stadium and stadium site, including a Geotechincal investigation for mine subsidence.

Providing there are no unforeseen complications, FDG will then prepare initial sketches, in consultation with the steering committee, for the endorsement and approval of Council.

The construction phase of the refurbishment, which will also be managed by FDG, will commence after a final concept and design has been formally approved by Council. Timelines for the project, including a projected completion date, will be developed as the stages progress.

While some interruptions will be inevitable during the construction phase, Bland Shire Council General Manager, Ray Smith said Council will work closely with FDG and the major users of the stadium in an effort to minimise disruptions to existing stadium events and competitions.