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Big Beet Book Launch

Big Beet book launch

As the administrative manager at Naradhan Public School, Lynn Ward has been listening to children tell stories for several years.

She now has her very own children’s story to tell and share following the release of her first book, The Big Beet.

The Naradhan community turned out in force on Thursday for the launch of The Big Beet, which is masterfully illustrated by Adam Carruthers, and a jam packed Naradhan Public School library listened in absorbed silence as Ms Ward read it aloud.

Earlier the students had prepared giant posters and displays about the book and written personal messages on cut out miniature beets pasted around the room about the book and its author, the friendly lady in the front office known throughout as “Mrs Ward”.

With clever use of Australian slang, The Big Beet is a well rhymed, hilarious, progressive story about kindness, community spirit and how things can be achieved successfully if everyone works together.

Mr McGruff (known as Bertie Magee) heads out into his vegetable garden to pick a nice, fresh, juicy beetroot for his wife Thelma's hamburger, but as hard as he tries he just cannot pull it out of the ground!
Thank goodness, however, for people who don't mind lending a hand!

The Big Beet is available at all good book stores and is published by Omnibus Books.