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Swooping Magpie alert

 With the Magpie breeding season here again, Bland Shire Council would like to remind everyone there are seven steps you can take to reduce your chances of being swooped.

  • Get to know where the birds are breeding in your area and try to avoid them.
  • Be aware that open areas with tall trees are likely sites to encounter the birds
  • Use an umbrella and wear a hat (good for UV protection too).
  • If the area is unavoidable, ensure you escort young children through any hot spots.
  • The birds are less likely to swoop while you are watching them (putting some big eyes on the back of your hat helps).
  • If you are riding a bike, get off and walk through hot spots.
  • If you are swooped by a Magpie, don't panic or run. If you don't have a hat or umbrella, simply place your hands over your head and keep walking.

 Injuries from this swooping behaviour are rare as the goal of the bird is to chase off the threat whilst protecting itself from undue risk and injury. Little can be done to prevent the behavior. It is best simply to be aware and prepared.

 Council would also like to remind everyone that the Magpies are native species to the Bland Shire area and are protected species throughout NSW. It is against the law to;

  • Kill the birds
  • Harm the birds, their eggs or their nests.
  • To capture the birds
  • To remove their eggs from the nest

Large fines and jail terms may apply to offenders who capture, damage or kill native fauna. All sites of swooping birds should also be reported to Ranger Services on 6972 2266.