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TAFE students win state acclaim

Three West Wyalong residents have won state wide acclaim for their thought provoking artistry.

Kaye Stanley, Henry and Jill Richards all captured coveted prizes in the prestigious Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Awards.

The competition is broken into five categories and Ms Stanley was the deserving winner in the NSW TAFE section earning her a $400.00 dollar cheque .

Henry and Jill Richards, meantime, were two of just eight people in the state to receive merit awards. The merit awards carried prize money of $25 each.

All three students were enrolled in the 'Skills for Work and Training' course at West Wyalong TAFE.

Text types and sustainability practices were examined as part of their studies and the Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Awards proved an ideal way to put those studies into practice.

This practical project was initiated by TAFE’s Lesley Bryen Maitland, guided by the multi-talented Lucy Buttenshaw and finalised by Martin Lane of Martin Lane Design, who volunteered his services to digitise the entries.

A special ceremony was held at the Bland Shire Council Chambers recently to congratulate the trio, which was attended by Bland Shire Mayor, Neil Pokoney, Acting General Manager Adele Casey and senior TAFE representatives.

Sam Lewis, a long term peace activist and ex-President of the NSW Teachers Federation, is remembered for (among other things) his endowment for a prize in an annual competition for students.  The purpose of the endowment was to provide an opportunity every year for students to focus their thoughts on world peace.  In recent years, the members of the Sam Lewis Peace Committee voted to broaden the focus of the competition to include environmental issues.


TAFE students congratulated