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Bland Shire Council Scholarships 2018

Are you planning on commencing an Apprenticeship or starting University in 2018?

Bland Shire Council Scholarships are now open.

To be considered for a Scholarship, you must demonstrate that you have met the selection criteria.

The selection criteria includes:

* You must reside within the Bland Shire boundaries

* Possess a sound academic record

* Be able to demonstrate a significant contribution to school or community activities

* Be studying at a tertiary level (College, TAFE or University) in a discipline, profession or area of expertise presently identified as a skills gap in the Bland Shire (list attached to application form)

* Be passionate and committed to obtaining a career that will contribute to the long term success of rural Australia and the Bland Shire in particular

Further Enquiries: Contact Adele Casey, Director Corporate, Community, Development and Regulatory Services on 02 6972 2266 or email

Closing date: 19 February 2018

To complete this online form you will need to attach the following documents - 

 Most Recent Academic Transcript

 Most Recent School Report

 Your ATAR Advice or equivalent (if applicable)

 A two (2) page Personal Resume

 Outline of your contribution to school or community activities

 One (1) recommendation from a member of the community, and such as your School Principal, Teacher/Lecturer, Head teacher etc.


Contact Details
Enrolment Details
Education Details
Additional Scholarships
Additional Assistance
Skills Gap Identification
Please indicate if you are studying one of the following disciplines, professions or areas of expertise presently identified as a skills gap in the Bland Shire - Agricultural Engineer Agricultural Scientist Veterinarian Occupational Therapist Physiotherapist Podiatrist Speech Pathologist General Practitioner Anaesthetist Intensive Care Specialist Neurologist Paediatrician Renal Medicine Specialist Rheumatologist Medical Practitioner Psychiatrist Surgeon (general) Orthopaedic Surgeon Vascular Surgeon Emergency Medicine Specialist Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist Radiation Oncologist Midwife Nurse Practitioner Registered nurse (aged care) Registered nurse (critical care and emergency) Registered nurse (mental health) Registered nurse (peri operative) Registered nurse (surgical) Clinical Psychologist Diesel Motor Mechanic Sheet metal trades worker Metal Fabricator Welder (first class) Fitter (general) Fitter-Welder Metal Machinist (first class) Solid Plasterers Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic Baker Chef Cook
Please provide a summary of your contributions to school or community activities
How do you think studying this course will enable you to play a part in the future of rural and regional NSW, specifically the Bland Shire?
Other Details
Please ensure the following information/documents are attached. If you are having trouble attaching documents please email or contact Council on 6972 2266.
Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 -
To avoid any potential conflict of interest in appointing an independent review panel, please advise if you have any association with or connection to current members of staff or Councillors. Note, this information is confidential and will only be used to select an independent review panel.
I certify that all answers and statements on this application form and any attachments thereto are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that, should I provide untruthful or misleading information, this application may be rejected or my scholarship from Council subsequently terminated.
As the parent/guardian for the under 18 applicant completing this form, I agree and provide permission for my child to make this application. I understand that his/her details collected in this form will be used by Bland Shire Council to process the application.