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FRIDG (Fire Risk Identification Guide)

NSW Fire Brigades FRIDG Program

NSW Fire Brigades have developed an initiative known as FRIDG (Fire Risk Identification Guide), which is aimed at helping to reduce risks to residents and fire fighters at house fires.

The initiative consists of a bright yellow sticker that identifies different construction types and common features in newly built/renovated homes, along with the number of bedrooms and the level they are located on.

The information provided on the sticker will allow fire fighters to predict more quickly how and where the fire is likely to spread, thereby reducing the risk of injury to occupants and the potential for quicker search and rescue in specific locations.

Bland Shire Council supports this project and as such will be issuing a sticker with every Development Consent for all residential works. Council's officers will be checking for the sticker and ensuring that the information is recorded correctly when a final inspection is being carried out.

Other property owners who wish to obtain a sticker may do so, free of charge, by calling at the Council Offices or simply by asking at the Front Counter.

The sticker is to be placed on the inside of the electricity meter box and will be seen by firefighters when turning off the power at the box in the event of a fire. The sticker should be filled out by the Builder Developer or Property Owner with a black permanent marker pen.