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Home and Community Care (HACC)

Home and Community Care (HACC)

The Bland Shire has an excellent Home and Community Care (HACC) program to assist eligible local residents including frail aged people with a functional disability and their carers, younger people with functional disabilities and their carers, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

HACC provide a range of community and health care services to assist people to remain living in your home.

The following services are auspiced by Bland Shire Council and funded by Commonwealth and State Governments.

Social Support

Flexible social support services are provided for low to moderate levels of care. Services may include any one or a combination of services including home visits, shopping and appointment assistance.

Social Support—Older Men's Group

The Bland Blokes Social Group is a group for men who are looking for an opportunity to engage in a variety of social support activities, establish friendships and find companionship with men in a similar situation.

Home Modification and Maintenance Service (HMMS)

Home Modification refers to assistance with modifications to homes, gardens and yards of frail aged people, younger people with a disability or their carers to help them to cope with a disabling condition and to keep the home in a safe and habitable condition.

In-home Respite for Carers

This service provides assistance to a carer (from a substitute carer) to give time away from the caring role.

Community Options (COPS)

Community Options is a case management service for moderate to high care consumers who have multiple care needs. COPS works with the consumer to organise the services needed. This may involve arrangements by case management with other HACC, health and private agencies' services.

Home Maintenance Services

This service may include lawn mowing, yard cleaning, raking and removal of rubbish, cleaning windows (outside only) and cleaning gutters.

Centre Based Day Care

The Day Care Program of activities takes play on Wednesdays from 10 am to 3 pm. Activities include games, entertainment, craft, music, outings or daytrips. Clients include frail aged people and people with a disability who reside in the community. Cost is $6 per person which includes lunch.

Centre Based Day Care—Monitoring

Do you care for someone who is less able to do everyday tasks, becomes upset or confused or jumbles words

This program is aimed at providing help for those people and/or their carers.

Activities may include many of the Day Care Program activities but features a more individual approach, with one to one planning of activities.

Ungarie Centre Based Day Care

The Ungarie Day Care Program is for residents of Ungarie. It is held on the third Tuesday of the month. The HACC bus travels to Ungarie and provides transport for the return trip. Activities include games, entertainment, craft, visits from the Bland Shire Library. Clients include frail aged people who reside in Ungarie. Cost is $6 per person which includes travel and a light lunch.

Home Care Service of NSW

The Home Care Service of NSW helps people to live independently in their own home. Services include:

· Domestic Assistance

· Personal Care

· Respite Care

Frail older people, younger people with a disability in NSW and their carers who are having difficulty managing in their own homes are eligible for help from the Home Care Service.

Meals on Wheels

Provides nutritional support to frail aged people, people with a disability and carers. Hot meals are delivered ready to eat from Monday to Friday including public holidays. Frozen meals are delivered upon request or can be picked up from the Meals on Wheels kitchen.