It Takes A Village ITAV

1. It takes a village’ (or ITAV) is a targeted early intervention program, which is divided into two services.

*Wellbeing and Safety of Children, Young People and Families.

*Community strengthening.

This service is funded by Family and Community Services (FACS) run by the Bland Shire Council.

Our aim is to reach out to members of local communities and help facilitate learning and development work shops/events and information sessions relevant to those communities whilst improving access to and knowledge of child and family information and services. ITAV sessions will often incorporate particular development and child based environments, while adults, if they wish, can participate in learning workshops and activities.

ITAV will often aim to provide services that cater for all members of the community including children and their families. Although, sometimes it’s necessary to have a child free environment during learning and development workshops and training sessions. Morning tea is provided as well as a free toy library service.

2. Who is it for?

Targeted early intervention program has identified three state wide priority groups.

· Children aged 0-3

· Young Parents

· Aboriginal children, young people and their families

However our program is not mutually exclusive, it is available for all families, living in rural communities.

3. How much does it cost?

ITAV sessions are free, except when running specialty training or workshops.

Where are the ITAV sessions?

At the moment the program is run monthly at a venue in Tallimba, Mirrool, Naradhan and Corinella each Wednesday on a rotation basis during school term time.

ITAV has also helped facilitate workshops/ events on different days of the week when necessary.