Reduction in Animal Services: Ensuring Safety and Managing Priorities

Published on 04 July 2024


Reduction in Animal Services: Ensuring Safety and Managing Priorities


Bland Shire Council has announced a difficult decision to discontinue the on-call Ranger service on weekends. Effective immediately, this change is necessary to ensure the safety of staff and to prioritise essential services during weekdays.

The weekend on-call Ranger service, previously available for incidents such as stock on the road, dog attacks, and aggressive roaming dogs, will no longer be provided for the foreseeable future due to staffing issues.

In situations where personal safety is affected and Council cannot attend, local police authorities will assist, although Council understands their resourcing and the constraints police face in managing these matters.

Council notes that many roaming dogs are managed more often by community members who reunite them with their owners. Information regarding lost and found dogs is frequently shared on local community platforms, facilitating their safe return home without Council intervention.

The Pound will now be closed at weekends, with services limited to essential cleaning and animal welfare checks. Drop boxes for animal surrenders will be closed to assist with the welfare of surrendered animals. Recent incidents in surrounding councils highlight the importance of ensuring animals are not left in overnight cages to prevent tragedy due to extreme weather conditions and the introduction of the Parvo Virus from animals that have been left at the pound without staff being advised.

Safe surrenders can still be arranged during weekdays by appointment. This ensures that critical information about surrendered animals, including reasons for surrender and temperament assessments, is documented to support safe rehoming.

Council acknowledges the impact these changes may have on its community and emphasises the commitment to animal welfare and staff health and wellbeing while maintaining a high level of essential services.


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