25 magical years for Janelle Lange

Published on 01 March 2021


Janelle Lange has been caring for Bland Shire children for generations.

Ms Lange today (Monday 1 March) clocks up 25 years as a much loved carer for the Bland/Temora Family Day Care Service.

A career and lifestyle change a quarter of a century earlier has left a lasting and ongoing legacy on numerous local people and families.

When Janelle and her young family made the move from the family farm into town in the mid 1990’s she began looking for her next adventure.

After hearing good things about Family Day Care in the community, a chance encounter at the supermarket with a friend out and about with her Family Day Care children sparked a defining career change.

Realising how a career in Family Day Care could conveniently fit in with her own family commitments and not afraid of hard work, Janelle decided to take the plunge and join the popular child care service.

In her 25 years to date with Bland/Temora family Day Care, Janelle has proudly cared for over 50 children including four sets of twins, seven children from one family who were in care with her for 15 years.

She regularly receives visits and contact from past children who are now grown up and living in all corners of the country and such has been her impact on the lives of the children and families she has cared for has been invited to numerous weddings and family events.

When asked what do you love about your job Janelle replies “That’s easy, the kids, my families and past families.”

Even after losing her husband, Family Day Care helped to keep her going as she had developed relationships and built a supportive network around her.

Janelle’s enthusiasm for Family Day Care over the years has been made easier by her philosophy of “tomorrow is a new day regardless of what happened the day before”.

The Bland/Temora Family Day Care Coordination Unit values the respect Janelle shows for the children, her understanding of children’s development and professionalism - in particular in regards to children and families’ confidentiality, which is important in a small rural town. 

Loving to sit and listen to what the children are saying during their play often gives her a great laugh and enjoying children for who they are is key to operating a long term Family Day Care service. 

Janelle believes the satisfaction from operating her service is based on ‘What you put in you get out’ and appreciates old-fashioned country values; role modelling and teaching her children manners and respect throughout her daily program and routine.

A value the families choosing Janelle’s service share with her.

So, what does the future hold for Janelle? She isn’t planning on packing up her Family Day Care service too soon, she’d like to work for a few more years then take some well-deserved time travelling and spending time with her grandchildren.

Anyone interested in becoming a carer with Bland/Temora Family Day Care is encouraged to call Council’s Children’s Service Unit on 6972 2795.

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