Mayoral representation to remain after election

Published on 12 November 2021


Bland Shire Council will continue to be represented by its Mayor during the period between the upcoming Council election and induction of the newly elected Council.

Council passed a resolution at its October meeting to delegate the existing powers of the Mayor to outgoing Mayor, Councillor Brian Monaghan, for the period of 4 December until 11 January.

An amendment to the Local Government Act in 2016 meant that authority of New South Wales Mayors elected by Councillors would cease on the day of the election – potentially leaving Bland Shire without any elected representation for more than a month.

Bland Shire Council had previously lobbied the Minister for Local Government through the Country Mayors Association, the Riverina Eastern Region Organisation of Councils and the Riverina Joint Organisation to revert the amendment or provide a suitable alternative without success.

Determined to maintain civic representation, Council passed a resolution under section 377 of the Local Government which restores the current Mayor’s authority to make decisions on behalf of Council along with the General Manager right up until a new Council is sworn in and Mayor elected in January.

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