Local Government Elections

Meeting arrangements during the election period

The 2021 Local Government elections will be held on Saturday 4 December.


Bring your skills, influence, knowledge and experience and participate in policy decisions on behalf of your Local Government area.

It is very important that the Shire has people with vision, energy and commitment who are willing to provide leadership to meet the challenges facing our local communities.

Council urges its community minded citizens to consider nominating as a candidate for the next election which is scheduled for Saturday 4 December 2021.

How to stand for election?

To be eligible to stand for election you must –

  • Be at least 18 years old and an Australian citizen
  • Live or own property in the Council area
  • Be on the electoral roll for the Council’s area
  • Not be disqualified from standing for office (eg if you have committed certain offences)

Nominations for the 4 December 2021 Council elections will be open at 8.30am on Monday 25 October and close at 12 noon on Wednesday 3 December.


An information forum for prospective candidates to explain the obligations and responsibilities of Councillors to anyone interested in nominating for Council is being held on Tuesday 26 October commencing at 6pm in the Bland Shire Council Chambers.

Please register your interest by contacting Council’s Executive Assistant, Julie Sharpe, on 6972 2266.


Applications for Non-Residential rolls have now remained open. Forms are to be completed, addressed to the General Manager, and received by the Bland Shire Council by 6:00 pm on Monday, 25 October 2021. No late submission of an enrolment form will be accepted.

Applications may be returned by the following methods:

Non-residents of Bland Shire Council are permitted to enrol and vote in the December 2021 local government elections if they meet eligibility criteria and supply the necessary information to Bland Shire Council.  The non-residential rolls provide people who are non-resident owners, occupiers and rate-paying lessees of rateable land within the Council area an opportunity to have a say who is elected to Council. Non-residential rolls are prepared and certified by Council's General Manager, and the NSW Electoral Commissioner must confirm that the voters listed are eligible for enrolment on the non-residential roll. You must be eligible to vote at Federal or State elections to be on a non-residential roll.

To be on the roll of non-resident owners of rateable land, you must be:

  • the sole owner of the rateable land, or
  • ·nominated as the elector by the joint or several owners of the rateable land, or
  • ·nominated as the elector by the corporation or trustees who own the rateable land, or
  • the lessee of the land from the Crown and the land is rateable Crown land

To be on the roll of occupiers and rate-paying lessees, you must be

  • the sole occupier or ratepaying lessee of rateable land, or
  • nominated as the elector by the joint or several occupiers or ratepaying lessees of the rateable land, or
  • nominated as the elector by the corporation or trustees who occupy or are the ratepaying lessee of the rateable land, and have the legal right to occupy the land, or be responsible for paying all or part of the rates on the land for 3 years following the date you apply to be on the roll.

Click here to access the form for individual owners, occupiers and ratepaying lessees(PDF, 195KB)

(PDF, 336KB)Click here to access the form for nomination of an elector by joint/several, corporate or trustee owners, occupiers or ratepaying lessees(PDF, 234KB)


 (PDF, 234KB)

The Office of Local Government website has a range of updated information and resources for candidates and community members including -

Candidate Information Guide

The Stand for Your Community Candidate Guide contains comprehensive information about becoming and being a councillor, including eligibility and the nomination process.

This guide has been prepared as an introduction to the role of a councillor and the operation of councils. It is a starting point to help you decide whether you would like to run in the next council election.


Online candidate training tool

The Office of Local Government has launched a comprehensive online candidate training tool.

The interactive resource provides candidates with detailed information about running for election and the roles and responsibilities of councils and councillors. It is designed to arm election candidates with the know-how to launch their election campaign and serve their community to the best of their ability if they are elected.

 For further information visit the elections page on the Office Of Local Government website.