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Town Crier

 Town Crier  Bland Shire Town Choir

The position of Town Crier is an Honorary one which was approved by Council at its meeting held on 15 March 1994 following a request from the then Wyalong Centenary Celebrations Committee.

The necessary attributes that make a good town crier are:

Loud, clear voice

Ability to read




Love and command of the English language

The town crier may carry out ambassadorial and ceremonial roles such as leading parades, civic ceremonies or meeting and greeting at various local events. A popular request is to have the town crier perform a Call to Order to introduce the master of ceremonies at a wide range of events.

Local radiographer and sporting enthusiast, Mr John Scascighini, held all the necessary qualities and was an ideal candidate for Town Crier. He was appointed to the position and passionately represented West Wyalong and the Bland Shire at a number of civic functions until his retirement in October 2010.

The position remained vacant until Mr Kyle Sturgess (pictured above) was appointed on 19 May 2015 with the official presentation and handover from former Town Crier, Mr John Scasighini, held at Council’s meeting on 21 July 2015.

Requests for the Town Crier to participate in ceremonies and events can be directed to Council’s Executive Assistant.

John Scascighini Town Crier

Former Town Crier John Scascighini is pictured above in full cry in West Wyalong's Main Street