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Barking Dogs

Barking Dog Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding your neighbour's dog barking the following steps are recommended:

  • Approach the dog's owner and state your case clearly and politely, chances are they are unaware their dogs barking is bothering you
  • If the owner is unapproachable or does not agree that a problem exists, you can contact Community Justice on 1800 650987, or email them on This service is free, confidential and voluntary.
  • If none of these methods work, contact Council's Ranger on (02) 69722266

How does Council deal with Barking Dog Complaints?

Council takes the following steps after receiving a complaint about a barking dog:

  • The owner is advised of the complaint and advice offered on how to curb the dogs barking
  • If further complaints are received, a Noise Monitor Sheet will be sent to the complainant
  • Once the sheet is returned to Council and shows the dogs barking is still at an unacceptable level, a Nuisance Order may be placed on the dog which stays in place for six months.
  • Should the dog continue to bark, Rangers may issue fines
  • Further non-compliance may see the owner of the dog prosecuted by the local court (a request for the removal of the dog from the property may be sought)

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