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Food Safety Supervisor

The Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) will soon be enforced by the NSW Food Authority and Council inspectors will have to ensure that the applicable food businesses have at least one FSS per premises (not per business).

Who does it apply to?

It applies to business processing and selling food that is ready to eat, potentially hazardous and unpackaged.

Which food business does this then apply to?

Restaurants, Cafes, Takeaway shops, Caterers, Mobile Caterers, Bakeries, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Temporary Premises, Mobile Food Vendors and Supermarket hot food sales (i.e. cooked chooks).

Who can be an FSS?

Must be nominated by the business owner and can include the business owner, manager, chef, employee, and or contractor. But must meet the following criteria:

Complete the specified trainingHold as FSS CertificateIs not an FSS for another premises or mobile catering businessAuthority is to supervise (Council/NSW Food Authority)

Does the FSS have to be onsite 24/7?

No, however best practice during food handling activities should always apply.

Who is responsible for food safety?

All food handlers must have skills and knowledge related to their food duties to keep food safe.

Business owners must ensure effective food safety processes are in place, notify food business with local council, comply with the Food Standards Code and appoint/notify of the FSS; the business also continues to be legally liable if a food safety breach occurs.

FSS must supervise food handling to ensure it is carried out safely, understand overall food safety processes of the business and works under the direction of the business owner.

What qualifications are required to complete the FSS Certification?

The prescribed units of competency for FSS training in NSW will be as follows:

SITXOHS002A - Follow workplace hygiene procedures AND SITXFSA001A Implement Food Safety Procedures ORSIRRFSA001A - Apply retail food safety practices

When will this come into force?

The transitional period for the business owner to appoint an FSS is within 12 months from the start date of the FSS legislation (still in the hands of the minister to sign). After the transitional period-businesses that change their FSS will have 30 operational days to appoint a new FSS.

Where to from now?

Council is currently working with the West Wyalong TAFE Campus to organise the appropriate training to occur at West Wyalong. At this stage it's anticipated that this training would not occur until later in the year or early next year. However The Temora TAFE will have the training in October of this year. If you are interested in undertaking the training at Temora please contact the Temora TAFE Campus on (02) 6977 3700.

Temora TAFE Campus
Temora Campus (New site in Kitchener Rd)

UnitnSITXOHS002A Follow Workplace Hygiene:
Wednesday, 6 & 13 October, 2010 - 6pm - 9pm

Unit SIRRFSA001A Implement Food Safety:
Wednesday, 20 & 27 October,2010 - 6pm - 9pm

Both units can be completed for $250 or if only one unit is required, the cost is $125.

NOTE: Those wishing to apply for RPL (recognition of prior learning) must contact the campus prior to course commencement.

Remember, each food business must have a FSS appointed in the near future, so your business should have at least one (1) representative attend this course!