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Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly control is no longer regulated. This means that government agencies, including Councils, do not carry out Fruit Fly control. Even the Griffith/MIA region is no longer protected by Department of Agriculture bait spraying programs or through restricting movement of fruit into these areas.

It is up to the individual to protect their own fruit, whether it is back yards or major commercial orchards.

Steps to take in managing Fruit Fly are -

- Setting up traps to monitor presence of flies

- Use of bait spraying and Fruit Fly pots (which can be home made)

- Picking up fallen fruit

- Pruning or removing unwanted trees

- Netting vegetable gardens or bagging individual fruit

More information about making your own Fruit Fly pots is available HERE or by contacting your Local Land Services office in West Wyalong.

Additional information about Fruit Flies is available in the attachments below.