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Tree Preservation Order

Tree Preservation Order

A Tree Preservation Order applies to all lands within the towns and villages within the Shire, and to all reserves vested in Council's control, including road and recreation areas.

This prohibits the ring-barking, cutting down, topping, lopping, removal, injury or wilful destruction of any tree over the height of 3.7 metres or a branch spread exceeding 2.4 metres in diameter except with written consent of the Council. There are severe penalties for any breach of this order.

What do I need to do if I want to lop or remove a tree on my property?
If the tree is not exempt in accordance with Council's Tree Preservation Order, you need to complete an application form and pay the required application fee to Council.  An application form can be downloaded HERE or obtained from Council's Customer Service Counter.

What happens next?
A Council officer will carry out an inspection of the tree to determine if it is necessary and appropriate to remove or lop the tree. You will be advised of Council's decision in writing.

What if the tree is on a neighbour's land or on other private property?
If the tree is on a neighbour's land it is necessary to contact the owner and discuss the need to to have the tree removed or lopped. If the owner agrees to have the tree removed or lopped, it will still be necessary for the owner to obtain an approval from Council where required.

Would I be able to clear my block of land to prepare the site for building before I put plans into Council?
NO. You can not clear the site prior to the approval of a development application and construction certificate.


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