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Burn Bright - Information on Wood Heaters

Wood heating is a great way to heat your home.  However, smoke from wood heaters can also be a major source of pollution.  It can also be a health hazard because wood smoke can contain fine particles and toxic compounds that can cause respiratory problems.

Wood only burns properly if your fire is getting enough air.  If wood doesn't burn properly then it releases gases and particles that are carried into the atmosphere in the smoke.  Your fire is burning well if the embers are glowing and there are bright swirling flames.

By following these simple tips your wood heater will generate heat more efficiently and produce less smoke, which has benefits for you as it saves on running costs, and benefits for the community as air quality will improve.

Quick Tips to Burn Bright

* Use several small logs instead of one large one and stack them loosely so that air can circulate around them.

* Use seasoned, untreated wood.  Unseasoned wood contains moisture which causes smoke.  Using the right wood will result in a cleaner, hotter more efficient fire.

* Don't burn rubbish, driftwood, painted or treated wood.

* Get a hot fire going quickly and use plenty of paper and small kindling to start.  Place paper on top of the kindling as well, as this will heat the firebox faster.

* Opern air controls fully when lighting and loading and keep air controls open long enough to ensure your fire is burning brightly.

* Increase the air supply if your see your chimney smoking.

* Maintain a bright flame, never let your heater smoulder.

* Check your chimney regularly, if there is a lot of smoke then increase the air supply to your fire.

* Have your chimney cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of creosote and soot.