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Australia Day Award nominations 2020

 Preparing Your Nomination

Please include as much detail as possible about your nominee to assist the judges. Factors to consider in your nomination may include –

  • Achievements and contributions in 2019 as well as past achievements and the nature and length of service

  • The impact the nominee has had on the Bland Shire

  • The degree of difficulty of their achievement/s, and

  • How the nominee has demonstrated inspirational leadership, innovation and/or creativity

To strengthen your nomination you are encouraged attach letters of support from other groups or individuals.

A printable version of the nomination form is also attached for those who are not comfortable with the online form.

Additional information can also be emailed directly to with the subject line Australia Day nomination "nominee name"


Nominees must

* Be an Australian citizen who resides in the Bland Shire Local Government Area or be a locally based community organisation, and

* Have a demonstrated record of significant achievement and/or contribution to the Bland Shire community

Your are NOT eligible if you are -

* A previous recipient of an award in the same category

* An elected representative (eg: Councillors)

* A recipient of Australian and Imperial Honours

* Individuals, clubs, associations and organisations cannot nominate themselves

** The Australia Day Award Committee reserves the right to decline any nomination it feels does not fully satisfy the criteria **

For more information about the Australia Day awards please contact Craig Sutton at Bland Shire Counncil on 6972 2266.

Nominations close Monday 18 November 2019

Please list details of the person/event you wish to nominate for an award
Please list your contact details
Please consider their past achievements as well as their achievements during 2017. Nominations for citizen and community awards should also detail the impact the individual/group has had on others and the Bland Shire as a whole. Alternatively, please upload more information below. Nominators may wish to attach letters of support or other documentation to strengthen their nomination. The awards will be judged based entirely on the content of the nominations.
Alternatively you can email additional supporting information to
Alternatively you can email additional supporting information to