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EOI Contractors and Trades

Bland Shire Council is calling for expressions for contractors and tradespersons interested in carrying out work for Council.

If you are a current Council compliant contractor CLICK HERE to reaffirm your interest in working for Council and provide updated documents/insurances.

If you have not previously submitted this form, supplied current documents ad attended a Contractor Induction please read on. 

To be considered for work with Council, including projects aligned to recent major State and Federal Government grants, contractors and trades need to supply Council with all relevant documentation, including the relevant Insurance, WHS documents, all your relevant SWMS, WHS Management systems and licences.

In submitting the Expression of Interest, the following is assumed to have been agreed

·         Services will only be required if the contractor is a Bland Shire Council “Compliant Contractor”.

·         Prior to commencing any work contractor staff will attend a Bland Shire Council WHS induction

·         That quotes based on the submitted rates will be issued within a week of request by Bland Shire Council

·         That, if the quotes based on the rates are accepted, the work will commence within three weeks of the accepted date, and

·         The works will be completed within a reasonable time frame

Contractors and trades can register your details using the form below. Written or emailed expressions of interest will also be received to or Bland Shire Council  PO Box 21, West Wyalong, NSW, 2671.

Further information can be obtained by contacting  Donna Smith  Contracts, Compliance and WHS Officer, on 6972 2266.

Contractor Induction

Please phone 6972 2266 to book your place at the next scheduled induction.

Only compliant contractors and staff who have attended a Bland Shire Council induction are permitted to work on Council projects or sites.

* If you are having trouble filling in or understanding this form, please fill in and submit what you can and a Council officer will be in touch using the contact details provided to assist you. Alternatively email for direct assistance.

Council is committed to working with you to assist you to become a compliant contractor/tradesperson.

Part A - Contact Details
Please attach a document with all plant types and pricing below OR email with the subject line Plant Hire rates . For further information or clarification please phone Donna Smith at Council on 02 6972 2266.
Please provide Bland Shire Council with -
Please note it is your responsibility to maintain all applicable insurances and supply copies to Council each year in order to remain compliant.
If you are a business owner, professional indemnity insurance can help protect you against the financial consequences of any mistake you - or even your staff - might make. It also protects against accusations that you have done something wrong (even if you haven't) and safeguards your personal and business reputation. Any professional person or business who provides advice or a professional service should strongly consider professional indemnity insurance.
If you are not a sole trader
The WHS Management Plan must have been updated since the adoption of the WHS Act 2011. If you do not have this documentation please phone Donna Smith at Council to discuss on 02 6972 2266.
Please provide up to date SWMS
Contractor Induction Process
No contractor/tradesperson can be engaged by Council until all relevant and up to date documentation is received and the contractor/tradesperson and any relevant staff/sub contractors have attended a Council induction. Contractors will be asked to provide copies of all relevant licences, insurance information, certificates of competency, traffic control tickets, trade certificates and White Cards when attending the Council WHS Induction. This is a general WHS Induction and does not attempt to provide all of the information. For further information it is recommended that you visit the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. To book an induction at Council please phone Donna Smith on 6972 2266.