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New tourism touchscreen technology for Bland Shire

Bland Shire Council is set to introduce new touch screen technology to provide 24 hour access to local tourist information.

Council’s August meeting unanimously resolved to purchase The Datatrax TourismTouchscreen™.

The portable touch screen will be installed at the Bland Shire Visitor Information Centre (located in the Bland Shire library) and can be accessed outside opening hours utilising keypad technology.

The screen will contain a wealth of interactive information about the Bland Shire including where to stay, where to eat and what to see and do. This local information will also be shared and made available on a network of over 200 visitor centres across Australia and New Zealand.

“The Touchscreen is easy to use and caters for the visitor’s demands for quality information. Using graphics, audio, video and the intuitive sense of touch it is an experience they will remember,” Bland Shire Council General Manager, Ray Smith said.

Datatrax chief executive Paul Buckley said the touch screen technology and software is user friendly and provides visitors with a genuine feel for what communities have to offer.

“Clients are placed into categories for easy navigation: Things to do, Places to stay, Where to eat, What to see and Shopping. The information is made memorable by using a combination of engaging video footage, interesting audio and eye catching graphics. The presentations create ‘sneak previews’ of the various venues and what the area has to offer,” Mr Buckley said.

There are over 2000 tourism operators nationwide with their electronic brochures on the touch screens all accessible in an instant by touch.

Delivery and installation of the touch screen is expected in the next few weeks.