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Installation of Solid Fuel Heaters

What is a Solid Fuel Heater?

Solid fuel home heaters are also known as ‘slow combustion heaters/ cookers’, ‘pot belly stoves’, ‘wood fire heaters’ or ‘tile fires’. Currently they are more popular than open fireplaces because their higher combustion efficiency requires lower fuel consumption for the same heat output. However, because it is possible to restrict the quantity of combustion air and slow the combustion speed, their potential for serious emissions of air pollutants is far greater than for an open fireplace.

Do I need approval for a solid fuel heater?

Yes. Before you install a solid fuel home heater you will need Council approval under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 or for the installation to be approved under Section 68 in association with a development application. The application form can be found on Council’s website –  or at the front counter at Council’s Administration Building, 6 Shire Street, West Wyalong.

To gain approval from Council you will need to:

Complete the Section 68 Activity Application form and payment of the applicable fee (see Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges for the current charge). Payment is to be made when the above application form is submitted.

Heating Appliance Details to be submitted with the application:

  1. Make and model for both appliance and flue kit - two copies.
  2. Manufacturer’s details for both appliance and flue kit - two copies.
  3. Details of installer.
  4. Position of heater (including diagram) (i.e. fireplace, against wall, freestanding).
  5. Location of flue and chimney.

Correct installation

You must ensure your heater is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  The chimney or flue must be at least 300mm above the highest part of the building within a horizontal distance of 3.6m of the chimney or flue (see diagrams on downloadable facts sheet).

New applications received by Council to install a solid fuel home heater may be required to comply with Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2918:2001 if they are in close proximity to neighbouring properties.

Australian / New Zealand Standard states that:

1.         The minimum height of the flue system within 3m distance from the highest point of any roof shall be 600mm above that point.

2.         The minimum height of a flue system further than 3m from the highest point of the roof shall be 1000mm above roof penetration.

Tips in regard to reducing smoke and maintaining your solid fuel heater (burn bright brochure) can be found on Council’s website.  or at the front counter at Council’s administration Building, 6 Shire Street, West Wyalong.


Penalties may apply if the owner of the solid fuel home heater is using the heater in an environmentally unsatisfactory manner. Penalties may also apply if a solid fuel home heater is installed without approval from Council. Prevention Notices and fines can be issued under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997 (POEO Act) and Orders may be issued under the Local Government Act, 1993 (LGA).