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Bring Flavour to Bland

An open letter from Bland Shire General Manager, Ray Smith

To the People of Melbourne and Sydney,

My name is Ray Smith, General Manager of Bland, a small NSW Shire with a funny name and I’m writing on behalf of the community.

In many ways, we’re just like you folk; we’re good natured, big-hearted, value the spirit of community and love an ice-cold beer and a yarn.But there’s one pretty big difference between Bland and the big smoke and that’s the flavour.

I mean, we’ve got flavour, don’t get me wrong. But we want more, much more and we reckon you can help.

To fully understand the problem, we need a little geography lesson. Being 600kms along a rather less than direct way between two of Australia’s most iconic food destinations means we’ve become a detour for delicious.

We’re 400km from the coast. So, forget about Singapore chilli mud crab. The closest fresh food market with anything exotic is 280km away in Canberra. We’ve heard about pulling pork and putting it on some tacos. But the nearest Mexican restaurant is 150km away in Wagga Wagga.

I could go on, but I reckon you get the picture. We’ve seen on Instagram and Facebook what you’ve got going on when it comes to food and it looks bloody delicious.

We’ve had enough of living up to our name when it comes to what’s on our plates. As the GM of our Shire, I’m asking you to send us anything that’s going to help give Bland the flavour it needs.

It could be hot sauce, recipes, kim chi, anchovies, curry powder. Heck, we’ll even take a Spice Girls mixtape.

Send your items to 6-8 Shire St, West Wyalong NSW 2671 or email me at and help bring more Flavour to Bland.