Ungarie War History Mural and Globe

Ungarie Mural close up

If you like war history the Ungarie RSL Memorial Park is a must to visit.  Located within the park is a Giant World Globe replica depicting scenes of war in which Ungarie servicemen and women have served from the Boer War in the 1890's until present day -highlighting the significance of Ungarie in Australia's war history

Surrounding the Giant Globe you'll find a remarkable collection of murals illustrating images from the Boer War in the 1890’s, WWI, WWII, Vietnam and Iran wars which showcases the significance of Ungarie and its people throughout the wars.  The large scale murals pay tribute to the servicemen and women who served in the different wars. The murals are more than 60 metres long, with 46-50 different images from the wars.  The Giant Globe and War Murals were meticulously painted by artist, Simon White.

Click here for more information about the murals and globe.(PDF, 6MB)