Heavy Vehicle Notice

All Bland Shire roads which have approval for A-Double and Modular B-Triple combinations have a Mass Limit of 82.5 tonnes. During the operational period of the Grain Harvest Management Scheme this limit is increased by 5%, bringing the Mass Limit to 86.6 tonnes for that period.

All other roads within the Bland Shire local road network are approved for B-Double access (excluding residential) with a Mass Limit up to 62.5 tonnes. This limit increases by 5% during the operational period of the Grain Harvest Management Scheme to 65.6 tonnes.

Operating above these limits is an offence unless Bland Shire has approved a permit upon application to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). It should be noted that Bland Shire Council will only issue permits in exceptional circumstances.

It is also an offence to travel over the conditional speed limit of 80km/hr, and to travel on the unsealed road network when the roads have been closed due to weather conditions. 

If roads have been weight restricted or closed following a rain event the information will be displayed on Council’s Facebook page or the Road Closures section of Council's website.