Wyalong is located 4.4 kilometres from West Wyalong and is a historic town from the late gold rush years of the 1890’s. In 1894 the government agreed to survey a town that would support the increasing growth resulting from the gold rush to this area. The location of the town was subject to disagreement between the government officials and the miners, who favoured a site on the western side of the diggings.

Wyalong was initially planned to be the business and residential headquarters of the region and was established in grand style with the construction of government buildings, such as a courthouse, police station, the local council hall and six hotels. Many of the miners refused to relocate their establishments to Wyalong and as a result forced a survey of the occupied areas and the establishment of West Wyalong.

The people of Wyalong and West Wyalong are proud of the unique characteristics and the history behind the development of their towns. Wyalong’s residents enjoy wide streets, large blocks, and strong community spirit contributing to a village atmosphere. There are a number of businesses in Wyalong, which provide essential services as well as those little extras! Wyalong has a variety of sporting and community organisations that are always looking to welcome new members. In addition, the town has a beautiful public school, which caters for infants and primary school aged children.

There are many things to do and see in Wyalong, which makes it a great environment to live in and visit. Herridge Park offers a great place for the family to relax while the kids play.