Bland/Temora Family Day Care

Family Day Care: A fun, professional, child care option

The Bland/Temora Family Day Care scheme is an accredited child care service which places an emphasis on learning, development and fun, in a friendly and family orientated atmosphere.

Family Day Care believes children should grow up in a place where there’s joy in the simple routines of an ordinary day; where being young means being able to mess around at home and have fun; a place that’s warm and safe.

Educators with Family Day Care offer children all this, as well as a place to learn, grow and achieve. Educators work hard to give children rich learning experiences that stimulate their thinking and foster all areas of development.

Children also benefit from the individual attention of one trusted educator in a small group setting, with play-based learning experiences tailored to the child’s needs and interests.

Educators provide experiences such as reading, drawing, singing and dancing, music, games, puzzles, dressing up or playing outdoors. Outings may include trips to the park, to the library or to other Educators’ homes. They may also attend Playgroup, where children interact in a larger group and experience learning activities planned by the specialist Child Development Officers.

Educators are supported by a team which provides them with playgroup sessions, administrative help, advice on child development and behaviour, professional development workshops and a helping hand in any situation.

Educators are child care professionals, who work from a safety inspected home and run their businesses on various days of the week to suit their own needs and those of the families using care, meaning greater flexibility for both Educators and parents. To become an educator you need to meet the minimum qualification requirements. Currently hold or be obtaining a Certificate III in Early Education and Care and hold a current Asthma and Anaphylaxis and Senior First Aid qualification.

If you are interested in care for your child or would like more information on becoming a registered educator, please contact the Children’s Services Unit on 6972 2795.