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Our Indigenous Culture

Map of Local Aboriginal Land Councils in the Bland Shire

Aboriginal land map

Wiradjuri people of NSW

  • The Wiradjuri were the largest language Group in NSW. But is made up of smaller language groups that have different dialects to the groups they boarder with, such as
  • Wiradjuri means “People of the three rivers” these being the Lachlan, Macquarie and Murrumbidgee rivers.
  • The Wiradjuri people generally moved around in small groups, using the river flats, open lands and waterways with some regularity through the seasons as indicated by debris that has accumulated in these areas
  • Research shows that there was one basic language used by the Wiradjuri people, however, different smaller sub groups among Wiradjuri speakers had some words that belonged exclusively to their own clan.
  • Occupation of the land by the Wiradjuri can be seen by modified trees and campsite remainders. Carved trees are more commonly found around the Macquarie and Lachlan rivers. Campsites, which indicate seasonal occupation by small groups, have been found on river flats, open land and by the rivers.
  • Wiradjuri people moved around the country according to seasonal conditions
  • The Wiradjuri people cover one of the largest tribal areas in NSW from Nyngan to Albury and from Hay to Bathurst

Canoe Tree  Manna Mountain

                     Canoe Tree                            Grinding Groves at Manna Mountain