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Out Of Your Tree

Out of Your Tree is a new regular column compiled to help inform people of environmental and agricultural news relevant to the Bland Shire. It is written by members of the Bland Shire Council, Bland Creek Catchment Committee, Lake Cowal Conservation Centre and Lachlan CMA.

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Superb Parrots

Superb Parrots

Watch out for these little guys when driving as they are often found feeding on roadsides. They are stunning in colour but unfortunately are very docile and often hit by vehicles. They visit Bland Shire about this time each year.

Illegal burning and dumping threaten endangered species 

In the past year, Council has had issues with various practices being carried out by landholders and the general public on road reserves (roadsides) without authorisation.

One such practice has been the clearing and/or burning of trees and other vegetation. Apart from the obvious environmental impacts, this can be very dangerous as in one case where a fire got out of control and burnt out a long segment of road reserve. This in turn caused several trees to fall on or close to the road. This incident could quite easily have become much more serious.

Any form of clearing or burning is not permitted on Council road reserves without specific permission from Council. Fines apply.

Another practice has been the dumping of rubbish, particularly old fencing material and other waste on road reserves. This practice is illegal and can attract heavy penalties. It is also unsightly, and can cause animals to become entangled or poisoned.

No dumping of rubbish is permitted on road reserves or other Council land, excepting landfills within the Bland Shire region.

Road reserves contain much of the regions’ rare and endangered species of plants and animals. They provide connectivity, allowing movement of wildlife from one area to another which is critical for their survival. They also provide shade and shelter to livestock on adjoining properties. As such they should be treated with care and respect.

Further information can be obtained by reading Bland Shire Councils’ Roadside Vegetation Management Guide available on Councils’ website, or by contacting Councils Environmental Officer.